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Current Version: 3.9.0
System Requirements Mac:
macOS 10.9 or later
Music App or
iTunes 7 or later
System Requirements PC:
Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP
iTunes 7 or later

Tired of constantly adjusting your music's volume?

iVolume ensures that all your songs play at the same volume level.

iVolume calculates the volume perceived by the human ear for each song of your Apple Music (formerly known as iTunes) music collection. Therefor iVolume gets the most out of the approved Replay Gain algorithm and adjusts your songs accordingly.

Master of the Genius

iVolume is the perfect companion for your Apple Music playlists, especially when using shuffle mode. No longer adjust the volume for background music on parties. No longer dig your iPhone out of your pocket just to modify the music's volume. iVolume takes your music listening experience to a whole new level.

Compatible With Your Digital Life

iVolume integrates seamlessly with the Apple Music app (or iTunes) on Mac and PC, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, and AirPlay (aka AirTunes). Most popular audio file formats like MP3, AAC/M4A, AIFF, and Apple Lossless are supported.

Blazingly Fast

iVolume takes advantage of newest technologies to fully utilize every core of modern multiprocessor machines for optimal performance.

Avoids Unnecessary Work

iVolume remembers all results ever calculated. Apply changed adjustment settings without the need for re-analyzing your songs.

Keeps Albums Intact

By using a sophisticated album detection algorithm iVolume optionally adjusts albums as a whole to keep the intention of the artist. This method is particularly suitable for adjusting gapless live albums.

Highly Configurable

Create groups to apply individual fine tuned settings to any specified subset of your songs.

Awesome Usability

All the features above are fun and incredibly easy to use through a modern and clear user interface.

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