Sahara is a challenging puzzle game for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad where you have to guide a camel through a labyrinth in the desert. Move any row or column of the maze to reveal new ways to the oases. But watch out your water reserve - walking through the Sahara makes your camel thirsty! To master a level, you have to visit every oasis before going home. How many coins can you collect on your way?

  • Beautiful hand-crafted graphics
  • Challenging game play; easy to learn but difficult to master
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Different levels with uncountable computed variations
  • Every game is solvable
  • Funny sound effects
  • iPod continues to play your music
  • Saves game state on quit to be able to continue playing at any time
  • Does not hide the clock so you don't miss your bus
  • Shake to get the main menu at any time

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