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Aktuelle Version: 1.9.1
Intel Mac with OS X 10.5 or later


LittleSecrets 1.9.1
  • Shareware-Warning erscheint jetzt nicht mehr während man gerade den Lizenz-Code eingibt.
  • Falschen Status einiger Menüpunkte in bestimmen Situationen behoben.
  • HockeyApp Crash-Reporter integriert.
  • Mindest-Systemanforderung auf Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) angehoben.
  • Sicher noch mehr Kleinigkeiten.
LittleSecrets 1.9
  • WICHTIG: LittleSecrets V1.9 läuft nicht mehr auf PPC Macs, weil die neuesten Entwickler-Werkzeuge keinen PowerPC Code mehr generieren können. Bitte benutzen Sie weiterhin LittleSecrets V1.8, falls Sie noch einen PPC Mac besitzen.
  • LittleSecrets ist jetzt eine a 64/32-Bit Applikation.
  • Die App ist jetzt mit meiner verifizierten Entwickler-ID signiert, so dass LittleSecrets jetzt auf aktuellen OS X Systemen mit strengeren Standard-Sicherheitseinstellungen gestartet werden kann.
  • Problem behoben, dass unter Umständen aktuell angezeigte Texte vorübergehend teilweise sichtbar bleiben konnten, wenn das Dokument gesperrt wurde. Dies passierte nur äußerst selten.
  • Weitere kleinere Optimierungen.
LittleSecrets 1.8
  • Notwendige Anpassungen für Lion (OS X 10.7) durchgeführt.
  • Tastaturkürzel zum schnellen Anspringen des Suchen-Feldes eingebaut (Alt+Cmd+F).
  • Wechsel via Tabulator-Taste von der Liste zum Inhalt verbessert.
  • Schnellauswahl von Einträgen durch Eingabe der Anfangsbuchstaben funktioniert nun auch bei tieferen Hierarchiestufen.
  • Weitere Optimierungen.
LittleSecrets 1.7.1
  • Leopard compatibility update (Mac OS X 10.5).
LittleSecrets 1.7
  • Universal: LittleSecrets runs natively at full speed on Intel Macs.
  • Improvements and Bugfixes: Fixed some drawing glitches, handling of the tabulator key and detection of e-mail addresses in the text and other issues.
LittleSecrets 1.6
  • Date/Time: Added menu entries to insert the current date and/or time.
  • Preferences dialog: The preferences dialog has been cleaned up.
  • Menu: The menus of LittleSecrets have been cleaned up and reorganized to be conform to the actual human interface guidelines from Apple.
  • Localizations: Added Dutch localization to LittleSecrets.
  • Update-Check: The automatic version check does not block the user interface of LittleSecrets anymore.
  • Bugfix: A crashing bug that occured in rare cases when trying to customize the toolbar has been fixed.
  • Other minor changes and bugfixes.
LittleSecrets 1.5.3
  • Bugfix: Finally fixed some other minor owner and permission bugs which sometimes caused that LittleSecrets could only be launched by the user that installed it.
LittleSecrets 1.5.2
  • Bugfix: Fixed a small permission bug which caused that LittleSecrets could only be launched by the user that installed it.
LittleSecrets 1.5.1
  • Speed improvements: Much faster handling of large texts when clickable links are activated.
  • Many bugfixes and enhancements: Fixed redraw bugs, improved searching from toolbar etc.
LittleSecrets 1.5
  • Image- and File Support: Images and other files can now be embedded into LittleSecrets notes.
  • Import/Export: Contents can be imported and exported in various formats, e.g. as RTFD or XML.
  • Import of Text Files: With a special import feature for database text files, contents from any other application that supports text export can be imported into LittleSecrets.
  • Compressed Documents: LittleSecrets documents are now compressed with the zlib algorithm before they are encrypted when saving them.
  • Multiple Selection: Now more than one entry can be selected at a time. This is useful e.g. for drag&drop, exporting or printing.
  • Drag&Drop: Better drag&drop support, so you can copy entries between documents or import files into LittleSecrets.
  • More Languages: Added Spanish and Swedish localization.
  • Duplicate: A copy of entries can be made with the new “Duplicate” menu entry.
  • No more blocking: When LittleSecrets has sheets open it no more blocks quit, logout or shutdown process.
  • Services: LittleSecrets offers useful entries in the Services menu.
  • Focus Ring: The search field in the toolbar now has a nice blue focus ring.
  • Automatic Locking: The countdown for the automatic locking now displays in the info line beneath a small lock icon.
  • Disclosure State: Better conserving of the open/closed state of folders.
  • Bugfixes and Enhancements: A few more bugfixes and enhancements were made.
LittleSecrets 1.4.2
  • New application and document icons.
  • Fixed scrolling bug: the window now scrolls automatically again while typing.
  • Document files can have the shorter extension “.ltts” instead of “.littlesecrets”.
LittleSecrets 1.4.1
  • Changes and corrections in the French localization.
  • Minor bug fixes.
LittleSecrets 1.4
  • Locking: Documents can be locked with a new toolbar icon. They also can be automatically locked when they are not used for a specific amount of time.
  • More Comfort: Documents can be saved automatically. LittleSecrets optionally quits when last document is closed.
  • Default Font: The default font for plain text or new entries can be set.
  • Security: When disabling the Mac OS Keychain, all LittleSecrets passwords can be deleted out of the Keychain.
  • Select None: New menu entry for quick deselection, e.g. useful for printing the whole document.
  • Clear Search: The search item in the toolbar has a button to clear any entered search text.
  • Version Check: From now on you are automatically informed when a new version of LittleSecrets is available.
  • Miscellaneous: Fixed a bug that causes wrong window positioning sometimes. Other little improvements and bug fixes.
LittleSecrets 1.3.1
  • Localization: LittleSecrets now has a Japanese version integrated.
LittleSecrets 1.3
  • Clickable URLs: Every URL is recognized automatically and displayed as clickable link (requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later).
  • Much improved Printing: You can print single entries, a folder with all subfolders and its entries or the whole document. The “Page Setup...” settings like scaling and paper size are considered correctly and saved within each document.
  • Free Sorting: The list can be sorted in ascending or descending order – or even unsorted for completly free ordering.
  • Easier Searching: Search from the Toolbar starts automatically - no need to hit Enter anymore.
  • Tabulators: The behaviour of the TAB key is configurable now.
  • Plain Text: Text can be pasted as plain text (without text style attributes) from the clipboard.
  • Smarter: General improved appearance like decent striped list background or rounded search field in the toolbar.
  • Languages: Littlesecrets now includes italian language besides english, german and french.
  • Miscellaneous: Other little improvements and bug fixes.
LittleSecrets 1.2
LittleSecrets 1.1
LittleSecrets 1.0
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