As you all might know, Apple released Lion, the latest version of OS X.

I am happy to announce that all our Mac applications work without problems on Lion (OS X 10.7). iVolume also works fine with the latest iTunes version 10.4.

So, have fun!


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40 Responses to “Roaaaarrrrr!”

  1. Adam says:

    Hi Mani,

    What a superb program iVolume is! Well worth the money and much better than MP3gain.

    I’ve also started using Lion and I’ve notice everything seems fine except the scroll bars have disappeared. This is still the case even if I set scroll bars to always be displayed in the system preferences. Do you know of any solutions to this?

    Kind regards,


  2. Richard says:

    I’m finding one slight problem with iVolume under Lion. It takes a lot longer to process all the tracks, as it doesn’t seem to remember that it has previously processed some of them.

    So if I buy one new album and run iVolume, it used to whizz through all the previously checked tracks. Now it re-processes each track every time it runs. It takes a long time just to get that one new album processed.

    I’m running iVolume 3.6 and iTunes 10.4 (80).

  3. Harry Hung says:

    It’s not working with Lion + iTunes 10.5 Beta,
    It can estimate the volume change, but the change cannot be written to the file.
    The itunnorm tag remains as the one written during first sound check.

  4. Daniel says:

    Hello – Lion for me also caused the problem Richard reported. I used to use IVolume every day (Podcast…) but that’s no longer an option – it takes forever to process all songs and podcasts anew.

    Help – help!


  5. Richard says:

    Daniel, a workaround I’ve found is to go into the iVolume preferences and change “start button processes” to “tracks selected in ivolume”. By default it’s set to “all tracks”.

    I can now select the tracks I want checking, and press start. It just checks the ones I’ve selected, which is much quicker.

  6. Max Turner says:

    Lion has definitely slowed iVolume down. Yes, you can pre-select the tracks to process, but now and again I like to let iVolume whisk through the whole library to make sure I haven’t missed any. This now takes forever.

  7. mani says:

    Some of you said iVolume runs slower on Lion. Unfortunately we can not reproduce such a problem here and there are only very few people reporting that (and only in the first days after the Lion release). iVolume runs better than ever in Lion here.
    So I am not sure if it’s really a Lion related problem. Please make sure that Lion isn’t still rebuilding its Spotlight database – it did so for me after a fresh Lion installation and it took more than a day for all my data. If you still see a slowdown in Lion, please write to the support through the contact page. And please take a look at Activity Monitor if there is already much disk access or CPU usage without using iVolume (e.g. caused by a Splotlight reindexing progress). That will slow down iVolume, of course.

  8. Anna Furst says:

    Grazi for maikng it great and EZ.

  9. Griff Miller says:

    I am seeing something similar to what Harry Hung is seeing. I have iTunes 10.5 (not beta as far as I know – I got it via Software Update) on 10.6.8 . iVolume is 3.6 .

    After I hit the Start button, the new file(s) seem to process normally, but then they are marked in the right-hand column with “File Write Protected”. If I hit the Start button again, it appears to work.

    HOWEVER, it does something weird to the Bit Rate field of the file. The files are AAC 256 kbps VBR (encoded from WAV by iTunes itself) but after I run iVolume, they are just 256 kbps.

    Also, the Comment field is not being updated by iVolume.

    • Matthew says:

      I’m seeing the exact same thing as Griff. Ever since ITunes 10.5 was installed through Software Update, I get the “File Write Protected” message when I run iVolume, and the VBR tag is removed from my AAC files’ bitrate. Really strange…

      The transition from iTunes 10.4 to 10.5 is most certainly at the core of all this.

  10. Mike says:

    iVolume definitely doesn’t work with iTunes 10.5 on windows. I am running both the latest iTunes (10.5) and iVolume (3.6) on windows xp. While having the “sound check” box selected in iTunes, the adjustment column says “No value yet”. There definitely is a value… iTunes did add replay values. If I try to run iVolume despite this, then I get a decoding error. Is there an update coming that will soon address this issue?

    • mani says:

      “Decoding Error” means that iVolume could not decode the song for the loudness analysis. Because iVolume uses QuickTime internally to decode songs, this error usually is caused by a defect or incomplete QuickTime Installation on Windows. I often get such reports after iTunes and QuickTime updates. In nearly every case a simple restart of Windows fixes this. If not, try to download and install QuickTime on Windows again:

      • Mike says:

        Thanks for the reply! Ok, so I reinstalled Quicktime and that did fix the problem. With the release of iTunes 10.5, Apple finally made iTunes independent from Quicktime, so most people probably uninstalled Quicktime since it is no longer needed. This causes problems when trying to use iVolume, but nowhere in the system requirements or faqs do you list Quicktime as a requirement. You should probably mention that somewhere. May be in a future update you will also make iVolume independent from Quicktime (if possible)? 😉

  11. Vincent says:

    I’m experiencing the same problems.
    “No value yet”
    “Write protection” errors
    and lost VBR flags.

    Please confirm and fix as I have the feeling that iVolume is destroying my library.


  12. Griff Miller says:

    I am glad (!) that I am not the only one experiencing this problem. Since Manfred seems not to be responding, both here and via the Contact form on his site, does anyone know how to downgrade iTunes to 10.4.1? I was right in the middle of a big project which is completely sidelined because of this.

    • Matthew says:

      I followed these instructions and they worked for me:

      The instructions reference the beta version of 10.5, but I downgraded from the released version of 10.5 with no issues.

      • Matthew says:

        Forgot to mention that I had to hunt down a copy of iTunes 10.4 on the web…it wasn’t terribly difficult; Google was my friend.

        • Griff Miller says:

          Thanks for the info – however, once I realized that 10.5 converts your database, and you have to go back, I got squeamish. In any case, I would have to contend with not just my iTunes Library, but the other users on this computer as well (it’s the main family computer). I guess I’ll wait until Mani fixes iVolume (if that’s where the problem is) or maybe iTunes 10.5.1 will fix it.

  13. Griff Miller says:

    The App Store lists the current version of iVolume as 3.6.1, but the latest iVolume the rest of us can get is 3.6 ?

  14. Griff Miller says:

    FYI for everyone, I got a response from Mani, and he is working on the iTunes 10.5 problem.

    • Vince989 says:

      And also, iTunes 10.5.1 shows up in my Apple Software Update (Windows). I can’t risk it right now (just set up my new PC and not yet done setting the albums/tracks volumes in iVolume, after downgrading it to iTunes 10.4), but somebody could, one with a VM set up for instance?

      (I’m watching this post and those responses!)

      • Griff Miller says:

        I did the 10.5.1 update on OSX – same problem.

        • Vince989 says:

          I’m still refreshing this page a few times every day — can’t wait to get my device to iOS 5, and this is the only thing I’m waiting for. 😉

          I’m assuming having QuickTime installed on Win7 is still not enough to make it work with 10.5.x ? Otherwise, it should work on OS X, due to how QuickTime is “everywhere” there…

  15. Steve says:

    I am having problems with iVolume since upgrading to the latest iTunes and Lion. Tracks that were processed iniVolume do NOT appear to register in the track as permanent because when I close down iVolume, the next time iVolume has to process the same tracks again. Frustrating since we are operating an internet radio station. We use iVolume to process the news feed we get at the top of the hour along with new tracks.

  16. Griff Miller says:

    iTunes is up to 10.5.2 now…

    • Vince989 says:

      Anyone tried iVolume with it yet? Unlikely to work, but in the change notes, it said “audio distortion fix” or something like that, so there has been changes to the audio stuff in iTunes, so maybe it could fix iVolume at the same time… I guess our best bet still is to wait for Mani. 🙂

  17. Nick Gibbons says:

    Sorry to hijack the thread but does anybody have any solutions for the error ‘iTunes too old’ when starting iVolume 3.6 against iTunes 10.5.2 (on Windows 7)? It’s driving me mad and I haven’t had a response to my support query from Mani. This started after a recent iTunes upgrade. Thanks.

  18. Mike says:

    If you are recently having PROBLEMS with iVolume and run WINDOWS then please read fully:

    I noticed a lot of people are having problems with iVolume and iTunes ever since iTunes 10.5. Here’s a tip that may fix those problems if you are a WINDOWS user. As of iTunes 10.5, QuickTime is no longer needed to use iTunes. However, iVolume depends on QuickTime to function. So, if you are having issues and run windows then make sure QuickTime is also installed and up to date.

    Oh and a side note; iTunes 10.5 has caused iVolume to act funny. If you run windows and have QuickTime installed, iVolume may show “no volume set” or some other odd message. Run iVolume despite this and it should still adjust and display the volume levels properly. Hopefully Mani adds QuickTime to the system requirements and fixes this user display error.

  19. Griff Miller says:

    OK, I got the update to iVolume 3.6.5 tonight, and as far as I can see, all the problems save one have been solved; namely, that the VBR flag goes away.

    I realize that iVolume is not “un-VBRizing” the actual audio data – it’s just that the acbf atom disappears after iVolume processes the AAC file. The acbf atom is where the bitrate mode (CBR, VBR, etc.) is stored according my informal research. It’s there before iVolume touches the file, and gone afterward.

    Maybe I’m being picky, but this bugs me. What else is iVolume changing in the file that the user would not expect? Up until this started happening, I would have said it touches only iTunNORM and the Comments.

    As a result, I still don’t feel comfortable using it. I hate saying that, because up until the trouble started I loved this program.

    iVolume may not be directly at fault, or at all, since the problem started occurring with no changes to my installed iVolume version. No doubt it is related to the iTunes 10.4 -> 10.5 update, and/or an update to Quicktime. But I sure would like to feel comfortable using iVolume as I once did. Even with the update to 3.6.5 I’m not ready to start using it again.

    • Matthew says:

      Here’s a link to a very topline explanation of the implementation of the acbf flag in AAC, in case it is in any way helpful, Mani:

      • Matthew says:

        Hi Mani,

        I’m just wondering if you’re planning on looking into fixing the VBR flag deletion problem. It makes me uncomfortable knowing iVolume is currently altering more than just the iTunNORM field in my AAC files, and as someone who absolutely loves this program and appreciates all the hard work you’d put into it, I very much would like to see this issue resolved so I can resume using iVolume.

        Would you mind letting others and me know if you plan to resolve this issue? I’d truly appreciate it.

        Thank you.


  20. Vince989 says:

    Well, looks like not everybody is 100% satisfied, but as a Windows user, I grabbed the update and iTunes v10.5.2, and everything is working as it should. I can now be on iOS v5.0.1 , which seems to be quite an improvement (air sync, multitouch gestures for task/home screen switching, better notification system) , so thanks a lot Mani! Really glad your iVolume exists, much, much closer to reality and flexible than Apple’s “Sound Check” ! 🙂

  21. Anthony says:

    I’m running iTunes 10.5.2 on Mac OS X 10.5.8. I installed the newest version of iVoume today (replacing the previous version which was working fine) and now I can’t open the iVolume application at all. I just keep getting a notice saying the “application quit unexpectedly” – resetting and/or relaunching doesn’t help. Can anybody help? Much appreciated…

  22. Daniel says:

    Hallo – I am one of those who had problems after the upgrade to OS X 10.7. The recent IVolume update has solved the problem. THANK YOU!


  23. Matthew says:

    Hi Mani,

    Just wanted to see if there’s an update regarding the VBR flag deletion issue that is affecting .mp4 files. Would you mind letting us know how the fix is progressing?


  24. Austin_Flint says:


    Why are some of my files “protected” when I use iVolume?