It’s done

We’re proud to announce iVolume 3.5 for Mac and Windows. It’s a free update for all iVolume 3 users. Not only does it regain compatibility with iTunes 9, but it feels like a whole new version!

Existing users may remember that ugly ‘No iTunNORM Tag’ warning from the past. While there were ways to fix that problem, it was a pretty complicated and annoying procedure. As of iVolume 3.5 you can confidently forget everything you know about that problem! iVolume “just works” now, and that’s a huge benefit. Now it can be used by anyone without any specific knowledge and without ever running into the “No Tag” problem again.

But we did not stop at implementing this smart workaround for the Tag problem. We also fixed many other problems that could have happened. Especially the “File Not Found” error should be reduced to a minimum now. iVolume is now smart enough to ask iTunes for the file path for a track whenever it could not find it.

It was never so easy and hassle-free to adjust the volume levels of your complete iTunes library.

Now we have to get some sleep, I think. 😉

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12 Responses to “It’s done”

  1. Simon Finch says:

    Hi Manfred, Thanks for all your hard work – the update runs great.

  2. Georg says:

    I’d like to say “Thank you!”, too.
    This piece of software has become indispensable for me!
    Works great in both Mac and Windows environments!

    BTW … sleep well … 😉

  3. Myke says:

    Wow, this update is a dream come true. No more “bad” tracks. My whole library is now at the same volume and it is awesome. I’m sorry that iTunes 9 forced this upon you, however this is the way iVolume should be. Seriously, excellent job. You should be proud.

  4. Matyas says:

    Dear Manfred
    Would you ever produce a 64bit upgrade for snow leopard? Would it be a paying update?

    Best Regards,

  5. Agalujie says:

    Ben moi j’ai encore des messages “File Not Found”



  6. Theotreo says:

    Wonderful update! Thanks!

  7. Todd Paulauskas says:

    Thanks so much for this update. This looks like a great tool. I have been using iGain to process my music files. In iGain, you can analyze the music file, based on a target dB, and it will show you the current dB of the song and whether or not the song is clipping (I believe based on the ReplayGain algorithm). The thing I loved is that you could slide the target dB up or down to get to the point the clipping went away (which you would see on the screen). The thing I hated was that this had to be done manually song by song – since that point where you got the most dB gain without clipping could be different for every song. Looks like iVolume can automate much of the work, which will save me huge amounts of effort.

    My question is that in iVolume, does the volume adjustment made represent the closest dB value to the target I set without clipping occurring? Or is it just making the adjustment to the file’s dB to get them to my target dB, without accounting for any clipping?

    Thanks again for this awesome tool.

  8. Derrick Pohl says:

    Awesome! Thanks a zillion. Seems to have fixed a problem iVolume was having with another excellent shareware audio application, MP3 Trimmer, that lets you trim ends of off mp3’s, fade in and out, add silence, join tracks, etc. Before iVolume would often, and unpredictably, have the “No iTunNORM Tag” issue with tracks after they were altered with MP3 Trimmer. I haven’t done extensive testing, but so far it seems that problem is no more.

    So I’ll be putting a highest-rating review of iVolume into shareware download sites like Version Tracker.

    One question – is it still necessary to drag new tracks added to iTunes into iVolume to have their volume adjusted? There’s no way to automate this process, is there?

  9. Kent says:

    Am I the only person who is unable to mount the iVolume3mac.dmg file? No matter where I download it from I get an error that says that the disk is “not recognized.”

    I am on a brand new iMac running OS 10.6.2

    Too bad because I really like this product.


    • mani says:

      The DMG is working fine. Please try to clear your browser’s Cache and do not use a Proxy if possible. You could also try a different browser. I’m sure it works.
      Please write to the support if you have any questions.

  10. Claustral says:

    Loved 3.5 until a new problem today. The new David Byrne album “Here Lies Love” is available as a 320kps CBR MP3s. When I try and get iVolume to adjust these files I see “File Error” in iVolume of each song. They play fine in iTunes and MP3 Validator thinks they’re OK. ITunes own volume normalizer also works as per usual on the files.

    This is the first time in >13000 files I’ve seen “File Error”. Given it’s a commercial encoded album release it’d be good to have this looked at.

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