I think it’s time to start a blog.

In this first blog entry I’ll introduce myself and reveal some internals. Don’t worry, the next blog entries will be about other stuff, like things that I find interesting, news and background information about my products, maybe some technical articles about programming, some fun stuff etc.

My name is Manfred Schwind, I am living in Germany and I started mani.de long time ago in the year 1998. While still going to college at that time I’ve done a lot of programming in my spare time for the Atari ST (anyone still knows jinnee?) and later for the Macintosh. My biggest project so far is iVolume, a very successful software to adjust the volume of your iTunes songs. Version 3 of iVolume was rewritten from scratch and for the first time it’s also available for Windows. It has some interesting internals like a fully cross-platform and heavily multi-threaded backend written in C++ and just a very “thin” GUI layer that is the only thing written twice specifically for Mac OS X (written in Cocoa) and for Windows. Maybe I should write one or more blog entries about these things soon. 😉 The Windows specific parts of iVolume were done by Christian Lier who’s currently also working for Enabling Labs.

From 2004 to 2008 I worked at equinux as Mac OS X Software Developer. There I was lead developer of iSale, an eBay selling application that has won two Apple Design Awards ([1], [2]). I also worked on other projects, e.g. major parts of the GUI of VPN Tracker 5 and CoverScout 3.

It was a very interesting and fulfilling time at equinux, but at the end of 2008 I decided to become independent again and do my own stuff. I have never had the heart to give up my private projects, but having two jobs and a family with two kids is simply too much for one person in the long run, so I had to decide for one job. It was not an easy decision, because I had a great time at equinux; it’s a young team of nice people all doing great jobs and we had a lot of fun. But at the end I preferred to do my own things and I’m very happy with that so far.

So currently I am working on new projects, e.g. for the iPhone, and there are some great things coming out soon.

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  1. Octavio says:

    I come here because the Ivolume and i want buy it, but from Brazil the thing is crazy…

  2. both computer have to have VNC running on them. One (target) has the VNC Server running on it. The other (client) has the viewer running on it. You need to attach to the VPN and then point your client to the server. It will ask you to login to the VNC server and then you will have to login to your target computer if you have not already logged in to it or if it is locked. You should not need a port since you are running VPN. That runs through a porthole in your firewall if you have set that up already. Besure to disable any firewall software you have running on the client computer and it will probably stop you.

  3. Can I post some of this on my webpage if I post a reference to this site?

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