Don’t Panic (Update)

Yesterday (09/09/09, by the way) Apple released iTunes 9. Unfortunately it has a nasty bug that prevents iVolume from analyzing new songs that are added to the iTunes library in most cases.

We put highest priority on this issue. All other projects have been interrupted in order to restore full compatibility with iTunes 9 as soon as possible. We already found a solution and are currently busy implementing it. Things look good so far.

So please be patient, a new version of iVolume will be released very soon.

Update: The problem is solved. Please download and install the latest version of iVolume.

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42 Responses to “Don’t Panic (Update)”

  1. Rick Silver says:

    On Windows XP, iVolume reports converted songs as “write-protected” and reports some songs WITH NORML tags as without. That’s what I’ve run into so far. I’m unsure if this is the place to post a bug but since you’re working on the new version I thought I’d offer up this information. Thanks for the great software! Look forward to the new version.

  2. Ralph says:

    Can somebody tell me what “Silent” means in the Adjustment column? There’s nothing I can find in the Help file and clicking on the arrow doesn’t take me to the website like clicking on the arrow if a No iTunNormTag entry is found. Thanks.

    • mani says:

      “Silent” means the song is completely silent – nothing to hear if you play it – so there is no meaningful volume adjustment value iVolume can apply to such a “song”.
      If you have a song that iVolume regards as silent but iTunes plays well, please send this song to the iVolume customer support. But most probably such a song is non-standards-compliant. iVolume is using CoreAudio and QuickTime to decode songs.

  3. Jeff Byrnes says:

    Glad to hear you guys are hard at work on it! Looking forward to seeing an update soon.

  4. Thomas Sjoholm says:

    No files, even the iTunes store purchased files is working for me. I’m using the PC/Windows Vista version.
    iVolume just don’t “see” the files.

  5. Barry Guzik says:

    On Mac OS X 10.6, my podcasts are being reported as no tag…which means they can’t be analyzed by iVolume. So those must have the same problem as “songs that have been imported from a file”.

    Anxiously awaiting an update…thanks for a great program!

  6. Ramez says:

    I live in the UK and iPods have volume limitations on them. I purchased iVolume to help me. But now iVolume doesn’t work with itunes 9.0! please help! Thanks in advance

  7. Paul says:

    How is the update coming along? The Beatles remasters aren’t going to album gain themselves! 🙂

  8. Jaime says:

    Will you release a bug fix for 2.x users? Or will the fix you’re working on only apply to current 3.x users?

    I’m on OS X, and I’ve been able to work around the problem by first adding a dummy COMMENTS ITUNNORM tag to mp3 files (via mp3tag on a Windows machine), before importing them into iTunes.

  9. Georg says:

    Hi there!

    Well, finally I’m using iVolume 3, as well, now … since the latest changes I’m free to choose how to use it (that is … either in the “ancient” iVolume 2 or the all new iVolume 3 mode … ;-), which really convinced me!

    Now, that I installed iTunes 9 on my Snow Leopard iMac and my my Windows XP PC I got some problems, which were partly already mentioned by Mani. These are:

    1) on Mac OS X: the mentioned “No iTunNormTag” error
    2) on Windows XP: iVolume doesn’t find iTunes any longer and wants me to download and install it, though it is already installed, while completely refusing to work … very annoying! Also, as iVolume refuses to work on Win XP, I do not know, if error 1) would occur here, as well …

    Besides that, I just wanted to let you know, that iVolume is a great piece of software, which is worth every single EUR … so, please get it working on both platforms with iTunes 9 to give us the good experience we all used to have with it … 🙂


  10. Jason says:

    [QUOTE]Will you release a bug fix for 2.x users? Or will the fix you’re working on only apply to current 3.x users?

    I’m on OS X, and I’ve been able to work around the problem by first adding a dummy COMMENTS ITUNNORM tag to mp3 files (via mp3tag on a Windows machine), before importing them into iTunes.[/QUOTE]

    this only works for me with mp3s. ALAC exhibits the problem even after manually adding the tag. =(

    • mani says:

      iVolume 3.5 works with MP3, AAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless) and AIFF. It automatically creates the iTunNORM tag for all those file formats if it does not already exist.

  11. Pixen says:

    I freaked out and created new mp3 versions of all the songs with the ‘No Itun Norm’ warnings (this is how I normally fix the problem), only to find they’re now listed as ‘Copy Protected’ on iVolume. What a relief to find there’s going to be an update soon. Patiently awaiting it!

  12. Richard says:

    Can you please create a mailing list so we can be updated when the new version fixes the issue – cheers. Richard, Nottingham, UK

  13. Dan says:

    Thanks for the new release—and for all your hard work, especially so fast given the surprise from Apple with iTunes 9. I use iVolume on all my tracks and it’s changed the way I hear my music.

    Again, thanks.

  14. Jason says:

    Yes, thanks for the quick fix. I nearly cried when I read the update about never having to deal with “no tag” errors again!

    Supporting developers like yourself makes me happy. =) Keep up the good work!

  15. Thomas Sjoholm says:

    Thanks for the new update. It not only solved the iTunes 9 issue, it also solved older iTunes 8 problem files I had. Great! 😉

    • Thomas Sjoholm says:


      The ‘start adjusting tracks selected in iTunes’ still doesn’t work.
      Only the ‘all tracks’ option works.

      Hoping for a solution.

      • mani says:

        This is a bug in the Windows version of iTunes 9. Apple knows it and is hopefully working on a fix.
        iVolume asks iTunes for the selected tracks, but on Windows iTunes 9 currently always says “Nothing Selected”.

      • mani says:

        In iTunes 9.0.1 this bug is fixed! 🙂
        “Start Adjusting Tracks Selected in iTunes” works on Windows again.

  16. Brian says:

    Thanks for the quick update that resolved this issue!

    I’m curious however, what exactly changed in iTunes 9 that caused this problem? I like knowing exactly how iVolume modifies my files. Did iTunes 9 change the name of the tag or something?

    • mani says:

      iTunes used to write the iTunNORM tags into the song files. iVolume required them to exist and only modified their values. iTunes 9 no longer creates the iTunNORM tags in most cases (sometimes it does – so it’s clearly a bug). iVolume 3.5 no longer requires iTunes to create the iTunNORM tag. iVolume 3.5 now creates the tag itself whenever it’s missing. It was hard work to make iVolume properly write tags for MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless and AIFF, but we’re proud to have such a smart solution now. We think its the best iVolume version ever. So at the end we’re a bit happy that iTunes 9 “forced” us to go this “extra mile”. 😉

  17. AC says:

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to say “thanks” to the developers for creating such a useful and purposeful program. I’m having trouble, though, with ivolume 3.5 working on my ipod (latest ipod software installed). Seems that I created a few playlists in itunes 9 to test everything out before uploading my entire library onto my new ipod. I then noticed that the volume on certain songs in those same playlists is wildly different (ranging from very soft to very loud) from the same ones played on itunes. I checked back on itunes and those same songs play great, at relatively the same volume – ivolume is indeed doing it’s job). All troubleshooting aside (both sources have Sound Check “checked off”, exact same files, same playlsists, etc), I was wondering if this is a bug and if so, is there anything I can do to remedy this? Thanks. AC

  18. Bill says:


    Am I missing something with iVolume?

    I used to have an igain program that adjusted my AAC files to below 89db. This is so I can use “Rock” instead of “Flat” (within EQ) and not get distorted music through my ipod.

    After having a “Fatal Error” with the program I stumbled across iVolume. I purchased the program thinking that this (much more stable) program will meet my needs.

    No matter what level I set the “Master Volume” and “Additional Adjustments” at, Tracks that have a higher recording level still distort….how can this be when I am showing -13.7db for some Tracks.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Please help

    Merry Christmas


  19. ruben says:

    Ive purchased your i volume version3.5,i’m getting silent on a large group of music,not able to hear.Ive read forums but no help.What can i do,I spent 30.00 on your software need help,thanks….

  20. Paul Phelps says:

    Hi Mani,

    I have recently, over the last few months, encountered a problem with iVolume 3.5 and ITunes integration. I am using iTunes v9.03.15. Every time I boot iVol, its icon displays in the middle of the screen, followed shortly by a .temp error message.

    I have cleaned my registry using Registry Mechanic to no avail.

    Automatic Error Messages have been sent to you regarding the problem. Please track via my email address.

    I have uninstalled and re-installed iVol 3.5 but noted no improvement.

    I have checked the iTunes summary and the songs remain adjusted with iVol, even after removal of your software.

    I am not able to adjust new downloads until this problem is fixed and currently have removed iVol 3.5 from my laptop.

    Your help would be appreciated.

    many thanks

    Paul UK

  21. Paul Phelps says:

    PS. This is a great piece of software and has I have used it extensively, with great success, on my very large music collection.

  22. Paul Phelps says:

    Hi Mani,

    The automatic error reports bounded back, so I presume you didn’t receive them.

    The repeating error message reads:

    “An unknown error occurred while accessing: C:\……..Temp\iv31.tmp.”

    I have removed all traces of both iTunes and iVolume using Revo Uninstaller and re-installed.

    I got the same error message on booting iVolume after the re-installation.

  23. mani says:

    Thank you all for contacting Please note that these blog comments here are not intended as a support forum. Support addresses can be found here:

  24. clonazepam says:

    Valuable info. Even I accidentally found your site, I bookmarked it.

  25. C-Note says:

    I ‘m having problems installing iVolume 3 on a Win OS XP.

    I’ve download two versions, the latest 3.5 and 3.1 version.. neither work.

    I get as far as installing it, then I click run, wait for it to load, it appears to be searching for my music library through iTunes ( searching iTunes libray), then it stops and a I receive the following message “iVolume 3 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Is there any solution..

  26. Robert says:

    Cool blog. I’ll check back here often.

  27. Pat Smith says:

    Hi Mani,
    I’m still having intermittent problems with “File Write Protected” error. Running XP, and I have V 3.6 of iVolume. Any suggestions?

  28. Phil F says:

    Getting File Write Protected error on numerous files. Seems quite random. Running just downloaded version 3.6 on Windows 7 x64. There was a reboot between install and run. This is not good…

  29. Rverr says:

    I am running iVolume 3.6.1 on Mac Lion OSX. iTunes 10.5.1 64 bit. Music files are on QNAP NAS via ethernet.
    Getting a lot of “File Write Protected” errors. Many resolve upon second pass. Please repair this annoyance.

  30. Phil F says:

    WTF?!? Where’s my artwork now? iVolume has removed the artwork from most of my collection! What I don’t get is why some albums weren’t affected, all were created identically (dbPowerAmp Batch Converter from FLAC sources).

  31. Jason Sims says:

    For me, the “File Write Protected” problem persists in the latest version of iVolume (3.6.5), but oddly enough it only ever occurs with one specific podcast (the Hospital Records Podcast). No other podcast or any other audio files are affected, but it happens every single time, with every single episode of this podcast. Simply pressing the ‘Start’ button again causes the error to go away, and the adjustment displayed in iVolume is then reflected in the ‘Get Info’ panel for the episode in iTunes itself.

    I’ve repeatedly checked the permissions of the folder containing these episodes, and the permissions of all the individual episode files, and they’re all exactly the same as every other file in my iTunes Library (my user has read and write access to all of them). It’s just weird that I run into this problem over and over with just this one podcast.

  32. Tory Cabler says:

    That is a good software,you can download here.

  33. sachin says:

    I also get the file write protected error on files that are not write protected in any way. Please fix!

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